Mietophoum Khmer Spirit (MKS) is a non-profit organization registered in Sacramento, California on March 06, 2015.  Its mission is to preserve Khmer unique culture, literature, arts, and music and to promote healthy lifestyles, providing access to community resources, strength and knowledge in translating Khmer Spirit into the future. It serves no benefit to individual or group or any political parties.

MKS has its federal tax ID number, a 501 C-3 status approved in 2015 and a bank account with Wells Fargo.

For the moment, it has regular meetings at 615 Hall St. Kingman, AZ 86401.

MKS has a unique Cultural and Wellness Center that serves as a resource center where many books written by Cambodian and foreign authors about Khmer history, tangible/intangible heritage, novel, books, videos… made available for diverse students come to do research for their academy purpose. There is a show room for Khmer traditional music instruments, Khmer traditional clothing for wedding ceremony and lots of other Khmer arts and crafts as well. Beside, MKS own more than 250 acres of land that will serve as Agriculture and Diversity Cultural Village.


MKS is an organization established in 1988 by a man whose name is SocheatKuch.  Heart lifted experienced in social and community development and later in March 2015 got approved as a non-profit formed by 5 boards of directors. Later in September 2019 we have increase the number to 6 board of directors and 3 advisory boards.

MKS launched its project in Long Beach, California since 2009, had moved to Golden Valley in March of 2017 and in March of 2018 has developed a Cultural and Wellness Center in Kingman, Arizona.

Mietophoum Khmer Spirit aims at all angle to bring new possibilities to create a healing community. Comes one, come all as our mission is thriving in building better and healthier community nothing less but harmony. Our goal and purpose is to contribute, promote a better living condition of individual and families in the target city and town. Also, Mietophoum Khmer Spirit will implement every possible strategy to promote community participation, empowerment and self-sustainability.

MKS had been assisting Long Beach community over 5 years to access health care and working closely with other non-profit organizations such as TCC Family Health Center, Friends of Mt. Carmel, MAYE Center and some other Faith Base Community.  In addition, MKS provides referrals and advocacy for seniors as needed to mental health services, housing referrals and counseling, legal assistance etc.

It has been functioning as a group of volunteers operating in a neighborhood mid-Golden Valley for over 2 years. With ground preparation and landscaping MKS’s vicinity as a clean neighborhood makes it safer and attractive to the neighbors and other neighborhood blight.  Additionally, the friends volunteer to help seniors with activities and social service referrals including accessing the new Healthy Living Program offered by MKS’s Wellness Center in Kingman.

Meet the Team



Mrs. Sieng, Vouchmeng


Email: Vsieng@mkhmerspirit.org

Mr. KuchSocheat

Email: Socheat@mkhmerspirit.org

Address: Number 615 Hall Street. Kingman,AZ 86401.

In Cambodia

Bora Cheang


Step to One Among the World’s Highest Directions for mankind lives in peace, dignity, and harmony in a strong and prosperous community to share Khmer Culture, Faith, Hope, and Love.


Building a Better and Healthier community for senior Khmer-American that everyone is enhanced their life fully with new possibilities.


To empower and promote Khmer living abroad, to improve their quality of life through awareness, Pathway to Healthy Living and Capacity Building to the individual, family, or community members.


MKS has two management bodies: Governing committee, and Management Team.

  • The governing committee is a board of directors that has the duty to create and approve on the policies, strategies; and decision making for planning and financial for annual proposal and fundraising.
  • The Management Team is a body to lead the overall operating of MKS daily works and also staffs performance. This team will form by including Executive Director, Project Director, Program Coordinators, Program Manager, Admin/accountant, and Project Officers. 

Founder and Board of Directors

Mr.Socheat Kuch Founder/ President
Mr. Pheng Bun Vice-President
Mrs. Phansy Peang Advisory Board
Mrs. Sreylack Som Advisory Board; Human Resources
Mrs. Mary Blatz Board of Directors;
Mrs. Lyn Tap  Board of directors;
Mr. Bunly Buth Board of directors; Interfaith Director
Mrs. Kong Nop Board of Directors; Healthy Heart Healthy Mind Director
Mr. Tom Kuch Board of Directors;


Mrs. VouchmengSieng Executive Director
Mr. Sothorn Wathana Administrative and Development Director / Executive Assistance
Mr. Bora Cheang Finance Director

Project staff

Ms. Soun, Doungsereyketeya Media/ Director
Mrs. Bopha Lim Public Relation Director
Mr. Oumry Ron Self-Defense&Fitness Director
Mrs. Bora Cheang Marketing Officer
Mr. Saroeun Kang Building Engineering Director
Mt. Sakara Sup   Traditional, Classical Arts Performance Director
Mr. Yorn Young  Music/Entertainment Director


  1. Cultural Center (Performing Arts Theater / Traditional / Classical / Show).
  2. Natural Farming.
  3. Museum / Library.
  4. Wellness / Sports / Traditional Marshal Arts/ Meditation / Healthy Mind Healthy Body.
  5. Organic / Authentic Khmer Restaurant.
  6. Gift Shop.
  7. School for Leadership / Training Center